We had a church meeting today. I had pushed it in church last week in an effort to get more of the evening service along. Last time I was at a meeting there were three of us from the evening service and one of them had turned up accidentally. This time there were probably 15 of us. That was a pretty good turn out. Sadly, no matter how excited I made the meeting sound, it was a church meeting, so I think some people got bored. Seeing as I will probably be attending (and in charge of) a few church meetings in my life, I started to wonder how a church could make them more interesting. Here are some of the ideas I came up with. Feel free to add your own:

  • Lucky Door Prizes
  • Musical item
  • Voting on motions that are just there for funnies (e.g. A recognition that slippers are appropriate footwear for church)
  • Hold the meetings in a giant hot tub
  • Having a meal during your meeting
  • Deciding contentious matters of church business with a wrestling match between an elder and church member
  • Asking that the whole meeting be conducted in old English accents (old gentry dress theme could make it even more fun)
  • Church members are allowed to vote by throwing rotten fruit if they don’t like ideas
  • One fake ministry report submitted each meeting, prizes for those who pick it.

I’m pretty sure if you implemented a few of these suggestions church meetings might be more exciting and more people might turn up. Of course the meetings might become a bit of a silly farce, but at least they’d be entertaining, if nothing else.