Junk Love

When we arrived at our new apartment in January we were very excited. A home for our new, very small family. We had our own lounge room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, and mailbox. When we opened our mailbox for the first time it was full of advertisements from local businesses. The apartment block we’re renting in is newly built, we were the first tenants, so the mail we had was all about welcoming us to the neighbourhood. It was very kind of them, but I tend to hate junk mail. I hate it because I don’t like people wasting paper...

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Give Your Best

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the church. Funny that. Now that I’m working for a church again, I’m thinking about how we do church well. Most churches that I’ve been involved with want to help people know Jesus. They want people to know how good Jesus is, what he’s done for them, and the hope he provides for them. They want this because they love Jesus, they love their friends and family, they love their community, and they don’t want to see anyone they love miss out on Jesus. Which, I think, is excellent. What seems to...

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Bad News Room

I did the worst thing I’ve ever done as a husband the other day. Em has been watching The Newsroom recently and got to the end of Season 1 last week. I had bought Season 2 on Quickflix a few years ago and was excited to show it to her. I got it up on my computer, hooked it in with the TV and pressed play. The episode began and I started thinking back to all the storylines that happens throughout the season. As I watched the episode with Em I was remembering the unconventional way the season is...

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Things I Learnt Through Dating

I wrote a post in September called “Things I Learnt Through Singleness“. This is the next in what may be a long series. This is what I learnt while dating Em from April 2013 till we got engaged on 1st January 2014. (See if you can guess what the next post in the series will be.) 1. Kissing is fun, sex is avoidable Before I started dating, I was a bit terrified of kissing. I hadn’t kissed anyone for about 13 years. I had no idea how one went about initiating a kiss, and I was pretty sure if...

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Flying Home

I finished my last day at my old job today. I’m flying home to Melbourne now after leaving for Sydney this morning at 6am. It’s been the longest work commute of my life. That picture above, I just took it. I went back for one day after five weeks of holidays. I suspect that this would be a good time for some kind of moving reflection about employment and jobs and vocation, but the flight attendant just gave me a Lindt ball. So I shall eat that instead. I hope they’re gluten-free, other wise I just ate some tasty,...

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We made it to Melbourne. We came down via the Princes Highway, which was beautiful. We left last Tuesday, spent two nights in Merimbula, and then arrived in our new suburb of Mitcham on Thursday night. I’ve never moved to a new city before, so I’m not entirely sure how to do it, we seem to be succeeding so far though. I was worried we would turn up and be really lonely. Since arriving though, we’ve been having dinner with friends, lunch with cousins, and holidaying on Phillip Island with more friends. It kinda feels like we’ve swapped a...

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I got married. I became a coeliac. Now I’m leaving Sydney. In two weeks. If you’re gonna change one thing, change everything. That’s always been my life motto (it hasn’t). Ever since Recom folded I’ve been on the lookout for a new job. I have very much enjoyed my current job, travelling around to schools, speaking about Jesus. However what I’ve been really keen to do is to get back to church ministry. So I was looking for jobs and found one that looked perfect. A Youth and Young Adults Pastor role where I look after a youth ministry...

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The morning I headed off to get married I went to the doctor first. The weeks leading up to the wedding I had been getting regularly sick. I won’t go into detail – I’ll just say it was stomach cramps and spending quality time with the toilet. Somewhere along the way, there was suspicion that I might be coeliac. Coeliac disease, by my technical definition, means your body can’t absorb gluten (a by-product of wheat, barley, rye and many generally enjoyable foods). If you do eat gluten you can get digestive issues, weight loss, cancer, and death. So you...

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