For a while I’ve been feeling like I have too much stuff. Partly because I feel uncomfortable with my abundance of material wealth, partly because I get sick of packing up all my stuff when I move and partly because I have no space left on my bookshelves.

So I’ve been thinking for a while for a way to get rid of some of my stuff. At brunch on Saturday I suggested we have a Stuff Swap where people bring stuff they don’t want and swap it for stuff they do. I’m gonna try and resist the urge to get too much new stuff, and hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of a lot of my stuff. I’m mainly giving away books and DVDs and some CDs, but I’m hoping people bring all sorts of things.

Anything that doesn’t get taken, either people can take back again or we’ll give it to Vinnies.

We got so excited about the Stuff Swap on Saturday that we made a video. It’s gonna be great.

So if you want to come swap stuff come to the Stuff Swap. It’s at 10am, next Saturday 18th August. It’s totally free, you might be able to get rid of some stuff you don’t want and you might be able to pick up some stuff you do. It’s at my house (The Haven). If you don’t know where I live, ask me, I’ll probably tell you.

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