I’ve been working my way through the audiobooks of The Hunger Games. Right now I’m a about 38 minutes from the end of the last book in the series.

I really enjoyed the first book. The second got a little tedious seeing as it felt a lot like the first. The third is nothing like the first it has plenty of fighting and stuff which is cool. But something that has gotten progressively worse through out the books is the amount of time Katniss Everdeen spends whining. She seems to spend about 50% of the last book moaning about all the people who are dead because of her. And she keeps having episodes and running off and hiding in cupboards and being sad. Of course I understand that after everything she’s gone through she’s done remarkably well to hold herself together has well as she has. But seeing as the books are a first person narrative, I really don’t want to hear about how sad she is, I just want her to get on with smashing the bad guys. Perhaps this is a reflection of my life at the moment; I have enough unresolvable internal monologue of my own to deal with. But still, I wish Katniss Everdeen was more like Jack Reacher and just knocked heads and didn’t tell us all about her turmoil.

Thanks Katniss, that’d be great.