Last time I had a month where I didn’t blog, I gave you iPhone photos. Let’s try that again.

Here’s what I did in May. In photos.


In May I learnt what Cinco de Mayo was all about. This, obviously.


I also got a cake. I enjoyed it but did a poor job of eating it as I live by myself and people rarely visit me. Not complaining. Just a fact that makes cake consumption hard.


I went to a preaching conference. It was pretty good. We sat in the sun and ate lunch. But most of the time we sat inside and learnt how to teach the Bible well. I learnt stuff. Like on of the the best ways to learn the meaning of a passage is to apply it to your life, then you will discover more of what it means. Simple, yet brillent. Also I don’t need to know Greek to live out the teaching of then Bible. Though, arguably, living the teaching is harder than learning Greek.


I ate some excellent meals, thanks to Aldi.


The lady friend and I tried to get up the mountains to take photos of the sunrise on multiple occasions. We didn’t make it. We made it for sunset though. This causes her to look good and me to look creepy.


I saw this sign in the shops.


I saw this sunrise and felt like I should have been up the mountains with my girlfriend looking creepy and not on my way to work.


I found an abandoned unicorn and emotirubbished it.


I took a selfie in some women’s glasses.


I spoke on a camp up the mountains. It was quite cold. But I talked about Jesus and he is quite excellent.


I took a selfie in some guy’s hair.


I stood on some carpet.


I found some escalators, and photographed them.


I got some text messages.


I poured a can of Solo into an easter egg. For work. Because my job is awesome.


I went to Westfield and ate lunch next to some fake grass with some real sun.

And there you have it. That’s May. It was one of the best months I’ve had in a while. Thanks for watching.