Gosling Excel

It turns out getting married is quite the administration behemoth. I’ve seen bridal mags, and none of them have sexy pictures of Excel spreadsheets. Apart from being the groom I think my biggest contribution to this wedding might be managing the spreadsheets, making sure we have meals for everyone and beds for everyone, making sure we know who’s coming when, who to pay when, who we owe what to, and how much money we’ve gone over budget. There are plenty of people out there busy making paper cranes for our decorations, or sourcing ethical plates, or practicing music, or writing sermons and so much other stuff and there’s Em heading up everything creative about this event. Me, I stay up late looking at the Google Docs adding up numbers and hoping there are no glaring holes. If someone turns up to the wedding and we had no idea they were coming, it’ll probably be my fault.

I think I’m going to start a wedding blog about wedding admin. It’s gonna go off. Brides and Grooms-to-be from all over the world will come and get tips on the best way to format your RSVP spreadsheet, how to colour-code your budget or automate your seating plan. Times are gonna change. No more of hipster weddings being in, I’m gonna make admin sexy. People are going come to weddings and say “Wow, you can tell they’ve done some great work on the backend.”