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I think that it’s safe to say that I have never had any doubts about my faith. The great thing about being a Christian giant is that I am not plagued by the common misgivings of simple folk. So let me tell you all the...

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Night Time in Sydney

Howie asked for a series of photos I’ve never shown anyone. These are photos from night of taking photos we did back in April. I don’t think I showed anyone because I didn’t think they were great. This is their...

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Winter Activities

Gem asked me to blog about winter activities. Now that it’s winter I can blog about winter activities. Just to clarify winter activities are not just activities that you do in winter. No, the phrase comes from this now...

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Six Fifty

If I had $6.50 left in the world I would by a 600ml Coke and a Mars bar. I just told Johnny that’s what I’d do and he laughed at me and said “That’s quite the entrepreneurial spirit.” I did consider...

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First Memory

My first memories are from when I was two (I think). When I was two I had an operation on my bladder. I don’t know what was wrong with it, but it was wrong. I hope I wasn’t weeing glow in the dark wee or something,...

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