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The Amazing Spider-Man

I saw this film tonight. It was quite good. Good action, well shot, fun. But I felt a bit bored, because the whole thing just seemed un-necessary. We had Spider-Man 10 years ago and it was a pretty decent movie, if I remember...

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Sydney Film Festival: Day Three

Wednesday 13th June marked my half way point in my film binge. It was the day of films six to ten. Lucky it was in the middle of a film festival or I might have felt lazy. As it is it was the day where my nerve failed me and I...

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Sydney Film Festival: Day Two

My second day of film festivities was a one film day. This was because Johnny and I went to see 1900 which is one of the longest films ever made. It’s certainly the longest film I’ve ever watched. It’s 310...

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Sydney Film Festival: Day One

The Sydney Film Festival has begun! For a few years now I’ve been dreaming of taking 2 weeks off work and going to every movie I can at the festival. This year it wasn’t going to be an option so I decided to go see...

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