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Hearing Stories

From Thursday to Sunday I was away on a (very small) mission trip with my youth group (which I may blog about later, but knowing my blogging habits, it won’t happen). Yesterday I was asked to preach at the local baptist...

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Sailing Gold

I don’t want to boast or anything but I’m not sure it’s a coincidence that I started speaking on a sailing camp in 2009 and this year we have a freaking gold rush in sailing. Sowing and reaping and all that. I...

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This morning on my way to work I listened to the lastest episode of This American Life. It was a retraction of a story they did a few months ago which was an excerpt from a play about Apple. The guy who had written the play,...

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Noah Got Nude

Well I finished day two of nude Noah. I basically did the same talk I did here, but I added a bit about how Jesus is a better Noah. When Noah emerged from the ark nothing changed. When Jesus emerged from the tomb, everything...

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Nude Noah

Tomorrow I’m speaking at a school to year 9 and 10 on the passage where Noah get’s drunk and falls asleep naked. If the students don’t laugh, this one’s gonna be awkward.

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