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School Life

I spend so much of my life in schools. Sometimes it has some excellent moments. Sometimes less...

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Angry Blogs

Sometimes I get distracted by angry blogs. Especially by bloggers talking about one form of Christianity they don’t like. Usually I feel like they should just calm down. Tonight I was reading a blog about a prominent...

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One Perfect Day

Often I finish a day and I think, “Man, there was so much I would have loved to have accomplished, but didn’t.” And I often think about all the things I would like to be doing with my life if I wasn’t too...

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Watch Your Mouth

Today (Friday) was an eventful day for work. In a short talk on Jesus being “the Truth”, as I talked about truth being relative I told the story of the blind men “feeling up an elephant.” Oops. One word...

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Tonight I had early bedtime plans. I’ve been staying up late and getting up early for 8am school chapel call-times. It’s been tough. But then Curt came home. He’d been missing for about two weeks, stressing and...

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I made some bad decisions trying to get to a school that I was speaking at this morning. I was planning to arrive just before 8am, I arrived at 8:24am. The chapel started at 8:25am. I apologised to the Chaplain afterwards. I...

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Noah Got Nude

Well I finished day two of nude Noah. I basically did the same talk I did here, but I added a bit about how Jesus is a better Noah. When Noah emerged from the ark nothing changed. When Jesus emerged from the tomb, everything...

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