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Pride and Power

In preparation for church planting, I’ve stopped being the leader of my youth group at church. I led the youth group from the beginning of 2010 till the end of last term. Technically I’m still in-charge, but my...

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Lip Dub FTW

I’ve been quiet on the blog. Partly because I’ve been making this. This is what I got to with my youth group the other week....

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The Sticking

As I mentioned before I got home yesterday from a week long leadership camp which was super encouraging. Spending a week with 40 teenagers who are so keen to devote their lives to serving Jesus is a wonderful privilege. I got to...

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Jesus > Church

On camp last week I gave kids the opportunity to become Christians if they wanted to. They could also recommit their life if they wanted to. Usually when I do this a few kids put up their hands after the prayer to say...

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